Is your surname STEDALL?

Would you like a FREE Google-hosted email address?

I have control of the domain and have decided to make email addresses available to any Stedall’s out there who want them!

Interested? Please choose an email adress in the format: 

Email me your chosen email address, together with your name to: emailhosting (at) stedall (dot) com

‘yourname’ can be anything you like, but I suggest your first name! Names will be delegated on a first come first serve basis. I will contact you if your first choice is not available. I will send you a temporary password which you can change on first login.

I have decided to provide this service for free, even though I am paying for the hosting. If you like it, then please make a donation to help me cover my costs and time. :)

You can donate here: 


Q. What is Google Apps?
A. Google Apps is a service that lets you use your own domain name with Google. This means that you can get an account with Google such as that behaves as if it were a regular account. More info here.

Q. How many email addresses are available?
A. There are currently five spare email addresses remaining on the the free Google Apps account. These will be allocated on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. If there is enough demand for accounts, and people are willing to pay a small annual fee so that we can upgrade the account, then more accounts can be made available. While I am currently offering the accounts for free, in the event we upgrade because of high demand I may begin asking for a small annual fee to be paid for your email address. I will continue to offer the free accounts as long as I can. I will also consult everyone on upgrading to a paid account before making a decision. If people do not want this, I will leave it as free.

Q. If I make a donation now, will I be asked to pay again in the future?
A.  Any donations made within 3 months of upgrading the account will have their donation deducted from their email hosting bill.

Q. How long is the domain hosting registered for? What happens if you no longer control the domain?
A. Currently it is paid for until 2020. This is the furthest ahead I am able to pay for currently. I have every intention of renewing it beyond this date, and will do so when I am allowed to. In the event that I am unable to you will receive plenty of warning, and I will require that whoever takes control of the hosting will continue to provide this service. Rest assured, that if there ever are any changes, I will get in touch with plenty of advanced warning.

Q. Can you read my email?
A. No. When I setup your account I will create a temporary password for your account. When you first login you will be asked to change it. I have no way of finding out your new password.

Q. There is an App in the Google Marketplace that I want to use. Can I add it?
A. You will need me to add it for you, please email me with the URL to the App and I will see about adding it for you.

Other questions? Send an email to: emailhosting (at) stedall (dot) com