Unbelievably Useful Firefox Tip

This one is definitely for Geeks only! For those of you who browse the Internet using Mozilla Firefox, I just discovered a really useful little tip. If have just visited a link and realise that the previous page was also interesting, middle-click the Back button and it will load the previous page in a new tab. Should save time in the long run. Probably.

How d’you like them Apples?

iPod nano My colleague Chris returned from a business trip to the US today bringing me this little beauty. I loved my iPod Photo until it was unfortunately stolen out of my bag on my trip to Mongolia back in July. Since then I have been iPodless and waiting for a reason to buy a new one. Last week Apple gave me one when they unveiled ‘el nano’….

The picture on the website gives you some idea of what it’s like, but the thing I didn’t really take in was quite how small it is. It’s the same height as a busines card and thinner than the iPod shuffle. The display is also much better than I expected – I could see that it was smaller than the iPod Photo’s but had thought that it would feel squashed and be hard to read. However, the text is clear and even the album art is recognizable. I could be wrong about this but it seems the resoulution is higher than on a Photo which may have something to do it.

As I listen to it on my desk – I am continuously picking it up and playing with it – it really is one of those gadgets that seems somehow ahead of it’s time. They have taken all the features from the regular iPod and shrunk them to a quarter the size. Kudos to the Apple enginneers for a) squishing all those electronics into such a small design, and b) not letting slip to the public what they were working on all this time. News of this on the horizon would have hammered sales of the shuffle and mini….

There has been a lot of talk recently about how Apple’s honeymoon cannot last, and that there will be a backlash of consumers defecting to players from other manfacturers who don’t tie themsleves to such closed platforms. That may be true eventually but for the time being Apple are not going anywhere especially if they continue to innovate and produce players like this. Tempted?

Batch Adjusting the EXIF Time & Date data in your Digital Photos

Have you ever had the problem of going on holiday to a different time zone, and on your return discovering that you forgot to set your digital camera to the local time in the country you visited? This can be be irritating especially if you wish to combine your photos with those of a friend or familly member who was also on the trip – it is impossible to put them all together in chronological order. Having spent the last few months going through my old photos and uploading them to the web, I have encountered this problem with several batches of photos on my machine, so I did some research on the web to find a tool that could help me fix the problem. There are plenty of tools online that allow you to edit the time data of an image, but to edit each photo individually would take forever when you have 100 photos – what is needed is a tool to process a batch of images at once, automatically add/subtract each picture’s time taken/digitized by the difference in the time zones, e.g. adding 1 hour to each picture.

The best tool I found for the job is called Exifer, is free, and can be downloaded here. To adjust your photos here’s what you need to do:

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Shareaza 2.2 P2P Filesharing Tool Released

After a year of development the latest version of P2P tool Shareaza has been released. Shareaza is a Windows–based peer-to-peer client which supports the Gnutella, Gnutella2, eDonkey Network, and BitTorrent network protocols. It is free, open source, and contains no adware or spyware. If you want to download music and videos from the web this is an excellent tool to use.

Download it here.

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Plaxo connects Thunderbird, Yahoo & AOL/AIM

Plaxo is a free contact management service that helps you keep your email address books updated and in sync with one another. Additionally, it can also synchronise your calendar, notes and tasks so that they are available wherever you go. I have been using it for the last few years primarily to keep my home and work copies of Outlook synchronised, but I also find it increbibly useful as a backup tool for if my computer crashes, and for making sure that I have the most up to date information from for my contacts.

Until recently it only allowed for syncing between Outlook and Outlook Express on Windows machines (although there is a web based version as well), but at last they have now begun to expand their support for other platforms such as Mozilla Thunderbird, Yahoo & AOL/AIM which means that a significantly broader user base can now connect to the service.

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