Sunday Trip to “Intelligence Valley”

On Sunday Ivan, Robbie, Slobodan, Kendall and myself drove out of Beijing in Ivan’s Merc and went for lunch at ‘The Orchard’ restaurant about an hour away from the city. We then drove towards Huairou in search of a place called “Intelligence Valley” which Robbie had heard about. Eventually, after a few wrong turns, and a lot of jokes as to whether we were clever enough, we managed to find it – a picturesque valley in the mountains with beautiful run-down farm houses and fields of corn. We then spent a peaceful afternoon relaxing in an attractive guest house, talking shit and drinking Yanjing beer before heading back to Beijing after dark. You can view all the photos by clicking here.. At risk of beiing lynched, I should emphasize that Kendall took some of these. Credit where credit’s due….

Farmer Sitting by the RoadFirecracker Woman

Summer Jam Party at Miyun Reservoir

This weekend Beijing escaped the heat of the city and retreated to Miyun reservoir an hour and a half north of the city for the Summer Jam Party. You can view the photos I took at the event by clicking here.

Sunrise on Miyun ReservoirThe Dawn Crusaders

Having had a relatively quiet Friday evening, Ivan, myself and Robbie met up with David, Henri, Dragana at around 2pm before heading off in convoy towards Miyun. Dragana had arranged rooms for us in a hotel on the other side of the reservoir from the party, which we found after some difficulty. Having expected the usual grim hotel tower block, we were pleasantly surprised to discover that it was a very peacefull coutyard guesthouse which was very basic but perfect for relaxing away from the city.

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Trans 2005 Concert in Chao Yang Park

This weekend Beijing was host to the Trans 2005 concert put on as part of the L’Annee France en Chine. From 3pm till 10-30pm on Saturday and Sunday, a selection of French bands and DJs performed on a specially erected stage in the middle of Chao Yang Park in the east of the city. Highlights of the weekend included the Gotan Project (headlined Saturday) and St. Germain (headlined Sunday). As Charles pointed out it was all a bit French…

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Thailand Pics Online

Arriving back in to a Beijing blizzard made the last thirteen days sailing in the Andaman sea even harder to leave behind. Post Tsunami, there was sceptisism about whether it was a good idea to go on the trip in the first place, but in the end we were doing the best thing that could be done – bringing back the tourist dollar. The lack of other tourists, though there were some, if anything made the trip all the more fantastic. It’s hard to complain when you have beatiful white sandy beaches all to yourself. Pictures speak a thousand words so here you go. Enjoy and don’t be too jealous. ;)