New Developments

Well, after reaching a level of stagnancy that would convince anyone who knows me to have accepted that this was another passing fad, things are finally beginning to move forwards with my personal blog…

First up, I have purchased a very sexy new toy, namely the Canon 350D Digital SLR. This is a serious piece of techno-wizardy (check out the review at Digital Photography Review) and should hopefully encourage me to start updating this this thing a little more often with the day to day visuals of my life here in Beijing and beyond.

Also, I have decided to ditch the old gallery tool, and switch to the excellent Flickr service for hosting my photos. So far it looks like this service will do everything I want from it, and more. It will also allow me to store hi-res copies of all my photos for you lot to download and do with as ytou please. If you are interested in using it for yourselves, check out the website.

I am starting off by uploading all the pics from my Thailand trip back in Feb. Stay tuned for more updates.

Olly. Out.