There have been some complaints (especially from one person in particular) concerning the lack of recent posts on my blog. My argument of course is that this blogging lark is about quality not quantity!

I can however assure my readers that I am less interested in posting entries at the moment, and more interested in making things here look a bit more presentable. I have recently begun playing around with the plugins feature of WordPress (the software used to power my blog). I have successfully added two new fatures to the Comments section. First is the ability to add a ‘Gravatar‘ (a Globally Recognized Avatar) to comments. This means that if you add a comment any of my posts you can assign an image to appear alongside it. This is much like the picture feature in MSN messenger. Furthermore, you can also keep track of comments that follow yours by signing up to receive future notification of new comments in your email. Not actually sure if anyone is ever going to use this, but you never know….

I have also installed the Gallery Plugin for Flickr (click the Gallery link at the top of the page) which means that all my photos stored on Flickr are now visible here on my website. You can even launch a slideshow of photos directly from my pages. Pretty cool and seems to work reasonably well.

Over the next week or so I will be adding more cosmetic updates to try and lose the dreaded green look and make this think look slightly less amateurish. Unfortunately my knowledge of CSS and PHP is rudimentary to say the least so this could take a while. All a learning curve I suppose.

Olly. Out.