Last.FM Personalized Music Radio

I have recently been listening to the Last.FM radio service powered by Audioscrobbler which is really cool. This offers free high-quality personalized radio that you can listen to online.

You need to have an account to use the service. After picking a username and signing up, you should install the Audioscrobbler Plugin for your media player (iTunes, Winamp etc..) which sends the name of every song you play on your computer to Over time, this list of songs grows larger and larger – you can see your personal listening charts on your userpage. automatically finds people with a similar taste, and generates music recommendations for you.

Based on these recommendations, you can then listen to a personalised radio station tailored towards your musical taste. To do this download the Player. In fact, you don’t need the Audioscrobbler plugin if you have installed the player – you can create a custom radio station based on the artists you like on the Radio page – but you will get better recommendations over time if you use it.

There are dozens of other entertaining and useful aspects of, but you’ll have to sign up and explore them for yourself.

To get an idea of how this works view my profile by clicking here. If any of you sign up let me know the address of your profile page by posting it in the comments section.