Help Beijing win a #4sqCities Badge!

Foursquare have recently launched  a global competition for international cities to have a City Badge launched for their town. People can submit a list of the best venues from their town, be they restaurants, tourists sites or other unique or interesting destinations. For the winning cities, Foursquare will design a special City badge that users can unlock by visiting several or more places from the list. With this in mind, I have set the ball rolling on creating a list for Beijing, but I need your help.

There are lots of great destinations across Beijing, and I have added a few of them, but I can’t possibly know about them all! I am therefore opening this up as a collaborative effort and am inviting any Foursquare users in Beijing to get involved and help out:

  •  Go check out the list and see if we have missed anything!
  • Add great photos and tips to the existing venues.
  • Suggest new venues in the comments below (or veto existing ones!). You can also add venues directly to the list if you are friends with me on Foursquare. Venues should offer a real cross-section of what Beijing has to offer. Take a look at other city badges for inspiration. You can also read the suggestions on Foursquare’s blog post about the competition.
  • Share the list with your extended network on Foursquare, Twitter, Facebook, Email etc. to get the word out.

Currently several cities around the world have City Badges already, and a recent US-only competition organised as part of the #visitUS campaign have brought great exposure to the winning towns, both for residents and potential tourist traffic. Hopefully we can do the same for Beijing, but no doubt there will be stiff competition from the global community. Please give us a hand to make the Beijing list awesome.

PS If you are a Foursquare user in China, please join the Foursquare China Facebook group or follow @4sqChina on twitter.