Ayi Time Sheet Form

If you live in China, and have an Ayi, you may find this Ayi Time Sheet useful.
My Ayi, here in Beijing, has always been great, we get on well and she does an excellent job cleaning. Recently though, personal family problems have meant that she has been unable to come at the usual times, and started showing up sporadically at best. While I appreciated that she has stuff going on, and was prepared to give her a bit of flexibility, it was causing problems at the end of the month when we tried to recall how many hours she worked check it out.

I therefore decided to embrace my inner Sheldon Cooper and create a timesheet form so we can keep track of things…. ;)

Figuring that someone out there is probably as anal as me, I’ve put the form up here to save them the hassle of creating it themselves. If that person is you, download it here and stick it on your fridge!

PS The Chinese was done using Google Translate – my written Chinese is terrible. Let me know of any mistakes in the comments, and I’ll fix them.