On Sunday I went to a Thanksgiving party at Tom’s house put on by Candice. It was a pretty relaxed afair with lots of good food, wine and Charlie spiced things up with his chocolate biscuits. Since the only american at the party was our host, it is perhaps a good question as to what we were all thankful for but then again the pilgrims were all europeans so, as they say in the new world, go figure. My camera was out of action but luckily Tom and Denise had theirs.

Trans 2005 Concert in Chao Yang Park

This weekend Beijing was host to the Trans 2005 concert put on as part of the L’Annee France en Chine. From 3pm till 10-30pm on Saturday and Sunday, a selection of French bands and DJs performed on a specially erected stage in the middle of Chao Yang Park in the east of the city. Highlights of the weekend included the Gotan Project (headlined Saturday) and St. Germain (headlined Sunday). As Charles pointed out it was all a bit French…

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