The Bumblies

Our family holiday is never complete without one of my father’s poems and our trip to Thailand was no exception. Here it is in full…


(after THE JUMBLIES by Edward Lear)

They set out to sea in a sloop, they did,
In a sloop they set to sea;
And every one said, “You must be brave
To visit the land of the tidal wave
In a sloop that’s set to sea!”
“And when the sloop turns round and round,”
They said, “It’s the way to get perfectly browned.”
So they’d made their plan and their minds were set, And they got on a plane and arrived at Phuket
To a sloop that set to sea.
Far and few, far and few
Are the travels of this little group.
Their bodies are browned,
And their attributes round,
And they went to sea in a sloop.
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