Perks of the World Traveller

Having been upgraded to Business class on my flight back to the UK two weeks ago, I felt that my years of flying back and forth from China to the UK were at last being rewarded with some perks. This made yesterdays events even more satisfactory – I arrived at the airport where they told me that since they were overbooked, if I would fly tomorrow, they would give me a free flight  and a 650 quid BA voucher or 350 pounds in cash. At firest I dismissed it but suddenly began to think that it might be worth doing – it was not absolutely vital that I arrived back in Beijing today  anyway. Also, the money meant a free return flight home at a future date. It really seemed too good to be true so i took them up on it. The only downside was that I then had to get home again having been dropped at the airport.

“What harm could one do?”

Okay, I actually smoked 3 cigarettes last night in a moment of weakness…

What can I say?

The truth is it is very hard to resist when surrounded by chain smokers. Blame delegation in action….

However the guilt today has hardened my resolve and I think I am even more commited as of today. We shall see. Friday tonight….


I woke up on tuesday morning with the usual part-ashtray feeling and decided enough was enough. I cleared the house of empty fag boxes, dumped the ashtrays at the back of a cupboard and hid all the lighters in a drawer. No distractions. No temptations. No fags.

Thursday today and so far so good except for the massive increase in gum chewing. Almost had a hickup last night when I found an open pack under the sofa which I had missed, but managed to resist smoking one. They say the weekend is the real test. Let’s see if i can make it beyond 9 months which was my last effort…

One day at a time. I’ll keep you posted.

Knightons Portrait

I was browsing the web earlier and somehow stumbled upon a drawing of the house I grew up in. It seems the new owners must have had it commissioned. Amazing what you can find on the Interweb.
Knightons, Knightons Lane, Dunsfold
UPDATE: My father spoke to the new owners and apparently the artist saw a picture of the house in the sunday times magazine and copied it. Explains why some of the details are wrong. They said they hadn’t planned on buying it – could have something to do with the fact that it’s actually not all that good. Interesting none the less…

Mopedophiles No More

Today is my birthday. Generally a day for receiving but as I left the office just now I discovered that it is also a day of taking away. My groovy red scooter has been stolen. Never again shall I cruise the highways of the ‘Jing in such style. I hope the thief gets hit by a bus. Bastard.